Ba’jur bal beskar’gam,
Ara’nov, aliit,
Mando’a bal Mand’alor —
An vencuyan mhi.

Education and armor,
Self-defense, our tribe,
Our language and our leader —
All help us survive.

You will raise your young as Mandalorians — and defend them. You will wear our armor, and speak our language. And you will serve the clan, and rally when called. These are the Resol’nare — the Six Actions — sacred to our movement. Do them — and you may live to call yourselves Mandalorians!

To be Mandalorian (Mando’ad) is to belong to a culture which transcends race and political boundaries. It is not an isolated group, but a way of life. There is no word in the Mandalorian language (Mando’a) for “hero”, because what outsiders celebrate as deeds of valor are to be expected from any Mandalorian. They live by a code, which is expressed by the Six Actions (Resol’nare). Those who are worthy of claiming Mandalorian heritage will wear the armor, raise the young properly, assist their Clan, defend their people, use Mando’a and answer the call of the Warrior Eminence.

“Any Mandalorian who does not adhere to these actions is considered dar’manda, or ignorant of their heritage. As such, they are a disgrace to other Mandalorians and do not deserve to be called Mando’ade. There is no home for them in the afterlife.”

(Raise children as Mandalorians)
“All children will be brought up according to the core values of Mandalorian society.”

A true Mando’ad will assist their juniors and advise them as they explore the galaxy, lighting their path and helping them keep to the code. Likewise, they will also take a personal interest in the training of retainers and beasts.

(Wear armor)
“It is an honor and a privilege to don the beskar’gam which is so closely identified with Mandalorians. The armor should be crafted, maintained and worn with a sense of pride.”

A true Mando’ad does not require warning to dress for battle. They are fully equipped and prepared for combat at all times. Regardless of race or gender, we look the same when wearing our armor. Thus we may recognize one another when traveling the reaches.

(Defend the family)
“A Mandalorian should be a paragon of strength and the warrior’s House is an extension of that strength.”

Defense of self and family is the keystone of the Mandalorian reputation for military tradition. A true Mando’ad will study and practice every form of combat until the processes become routine and they will carefully develop their personal skills so that they are able to perform more effectively in battle.

(Help the clan to succeed)
“A Mandalorian offers their personal strength to benefit the extended House which is the Clan.”

When they are not training for battle, a true Mando’ad will volunteer their time and effort to benefit the Clan. There are as many ways to improve your Clan as there are stars in the void. Find them. For those who have not yet adopted a Clan, the nation assumes this role.

(Speak Mandalorian)
“Mando’a is at the core of what it means to be Mandalorian. All Mando’ade must be fluent in the language and restrict its use to the presence of other Mando’ade.”

True Mando’ade will use the language to be recognized by other Mandalorians. This includes the naming of ships and squadrons.

(Rally to the cause of the Mand’alor)
“The welfare of the Mando’ade is of paramount importance and all warriors contribute to its defense according to the wishes of the Mand’alor. A strong Mandalore is an invincible Mandalore.”

When they are not providing service to their Clan, the true Mando’ad will volunteer to accomplish objectives for the benefit of the nation. It is not the tradition among Mandalorians to salute, neither is it customary for senior officers to demand strict obedience. Instead, commanding officers issue requests and present subordinates with opportunities to serve. But all true Mando’ade have a duty to answer the call of the Mand’alor, for the Warrior Eminence is the protector of the Mandalorian realms.