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    To all sentients in the galaxy!

    The recently issued bounty on every Mando is considered as severe threat of our culture and therefore cannot be condoned without counteraction.

    Be warned! If you yield to temptation to collect a bounty on a member of our culture – no matter out of greed or other base motives – we will seek revenge for this deed!


    Year 21 Day 4

    Mandalore News Network returns

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    • Bounty Brokers Assoc. :: Embracing Tradition
      by Leland Thakkun on December 3, 2022 at 02:32

      Y24 D5 After only two months under the reign of Jevon Lambright, turmoil has been reported out of the ranks of the Mando’ade Faction. Following the disappearance of the widely respected Kai Oryk, Jevon Lambright was appointed as “mand’alor” by the ruling council of the Mando’ade. Since that appointment, many have stated that they believe he was granted this title illegitemately by way of bureaucracy, which is a contradiction to Mandalorian traditions. (A poster encouraging followers of Jevon Lambright to leave Mando’ade.) As his first act after being named “mand’alor” by his followers, Jevon Lambright has grossly insulted his own title and people. An attack against the warrior roots and traditions of the Mandalorian culture, Jevon ordered the dissolution of the Bounty Brokers Association, an organization which employed Mandalorian mercenaries and bounty hunters all across the galaxy. As warriors, these careers are vital to the continuation of the Mandalorian culture and way of life. This order is a clear expansion of the Pacifist ideology and therefore proves in itself what so many others have proclaimed since his appointment: Jevon is not mand’alor. In defiance of the Pacifist regime, the Bounty Brokers Association has announced that they will no longer hail Mando’ade and have joined The Fighting Corps in a sworn oath to follow and uphold “The Way of the Mandalore,” which is the orthodox Mandalorian religion followed by the Children of the Watch. When asked for comments on the adoption of such a strict interpretation of the Mandalorian religion, the leadership of the BBA had only one sentence to say; “This is the Way.” (Mandalorian Bounty Hunters employed by the BBA on the hunt.) Any followers of Mando’ade and of Jevon Lambright that are negatively affected by this expansion of Pacifist ideology, the Children of the Watch invites you to join the culture that values Mandalorian roots, traditions, and heritage.      

    • The Legacy of Ithor launches the Galactic Parks Network
      by Wynk Waawat on November 30, 2022 at 21:24

      The holo springs to life with a familiar hexagonal lotus icon, before shifting to Wynk Waawat, lead Jungle Priest of Ithor, standing in a botanical garden. You hear the deep brassy notes of an ithorian two-throated voice, followed by its translation.     “Greetings, brothers and sisters! In the months since The Legacy of Ithor was incorporated, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from sentients all over the galaxy. It’s an amazing galaxy, and conserving and preserving its wonders is important to people from every sector and walk of life. With your support, we’ve been hard at work building more zoo stations than our jungle priests can count.”   “Today, I’m pleased to announce a great step forward in bringing conservation to you: The Galactic Parks Network. The GPN is a collection of zoos, wildlife preserves, and zoo stations around the galaxy that share our values and offer a wonderful experience to curious beings of all ages. Visitors to these zoos can acquire a GPN Passport, and each GPN Member Zoo has a unique stamp to add to your passport. You’ll have to do some traveling to collect them all – but it’s worth it!   “Each and every GPN zoo has an Ithorian Jungle Priest in-residence. If you want to learn about conservation and ithorian philosophy, stop by one of their offices. We also provide member zoos with customized zookeeper droids that can tell you all about the critters and creatures housed at that location. There’s even a fun gift shop on the way out!”   “If you have a zoo, wildlife preserve, or zoo station and would like to join to Galactic Parks Network, you can apply at our holosuite. Our modest annual fee helps to keep the network running. Don’t have a suitable station or facility yet? The Legacy of Ithor is happy to assist with full build services or Hop2Build™ franchise arrangements. The wait list is lengthy, so contact us today to reserve your place in the build queue!”   The holo cuts to Raptor Cardel, CEO of Koensayr Manufacturing and owner of GPN Member ‘Vahaba Public Botanical Gardens and Aquarium’ located within the Vahaba Asteroid Belt.     “The conservation of the diverse, unique and invaluable flora and fauna that remains in our Galaxy is an ambitious project of paramount importance. Koensayr Manufacturing is proud to partner with the GPN to better understand the ecological impacts of our production and manufacturing facilities. We recognize that as societies and cultures continue to expand and grow, stretching out further into our galaxy – conflict with wildlife is inevitable. We have a morale obligation to diminish our future impacts, restore what we’ve already damaged and to be present, conscientious stewards of what we have now remaining. We are proud to partner with Wynk Wawaat and his jungle priests and thank them for their earnest efforts.” The scene shifts back to the Ithorian Jungle Priest.   “That’s one of more than a dozen delighted partners. We look forward to introducing you to more of them in the future. We hope you’ll visit all of them to get your GPN passport and collect all the stamps – available only at participating zoos. Thank you all so much for your support!”   The picture fades to the Legacy of Ithor Logo.     As the background music fades, you hear the giggling of a jawa pushing a button, and Ithorian Battle Rap begins to play. It takes a verse and a half, but eventually Wynk figures out how to turn it off…