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    To all sentients in the galaxy!

    The recently issued bounty on every Mando is considered as severe threat of our culture and therefore cannot be condoned without counteraction.

    Be warned! If you yield to temptation to collect a bounty on a member of our culture – no matter out of greed or other base motives – we will seek revenge for this deed!


    Year 21 Day 4

    Mandalore News Network returns

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    • AMC Joins the Hunt to Rid the Galaxy of Villainy and Scum
      by Sophie Blaster on January 24, 2021 at 22:30

      Breaking news reported by AMC-CNN Information Magistarte, Sophie Blaster. Alliance of Mercenary Consortium Proconsuls Shri Bacca and Max Ameeno Baca held a virtual press conference today in which they threw the entire weight of the Consortium behind the larger galaxy wide push to restore safety to galaxy citizens. Max Ameeno started of the press conference by reading the following communique: “The destabilization of the galaxy as a result of the dissolution of New Republic, coupled with the recent decision by the known Bounty Hunter Guilds and Organizations to take on a more mercenary role as they focus on other responsibilities in their spheres of influence has lead to an increase in criminal activity across all facets of the known galaxy. As this galaxy wide threat to peace and prosperity mounts, a call has gone out to aid in the effort to restore law and order. The Alliance of Mercenary Consortium’s Triumvirate Council held an emergency session and has voted to mobilize all available forces towards this end. The former Bounty Hunter Guilds and Organizations have agreed to spearhead these efforts and agents from these entities have taken up residence in taverns all across the known galaxy to help coordinate the round up of individuals of mal intent and the leaders of the known criminal cartels. Bounty Hunter Fobs, distributed by the various Bounty Hunting Guilds help track and locate known criminal elements.   Realizing that access to these Bounty Hunting Agents is crucial for any sentient in the galaxy looking to answer the call to join this Hunt, AMC has established a city solely devoted to this purpose. Hunter’s Landing is a city located at planetary terrain coordinate (4, 1) on the unshielded planet Leafar which resides in the Leafar System of the Ploo Sector. Ploo is centrally located in the Northern Mid Rim Region and serves as an excellent starting location as it has well established hyperlanes to all corners of the known galaxy. Seeing the value of this location, all of the major Bounty Hunting Guilds and Organizations have sent their representatives to establish Bounty Hunting Cantinas in the city. There are Bounty Agents as well as Guild Tradesmen and Shopkeepers from the Bounty Hunter’s Guild as well as from House Benelex, Qulok’s Fist, the GenoHaradan, and the Granse Confederacy that have established themselves in Hunter’s Landing.” Spaceport at Hunter’s Landing Sector: Ploo System: Leafar (80, 190) Planet: Leafar (12, 8) Surface: (4, 1) Shri Bacca followed up with a warning and call to any current or would be Bounty Hunters: “As would be expected, reports have come in that this city is not without its own dangers as well as its own opportunities. Bounty Hunting often attracts  a particular set of adventurers and unfortunately criminals can be found in the dark alleyways in between the numerous taverns and even within the various buildings themselves. AMC, therefore, has put forth its own bounties and has asked those bounty hunters coming into the city to help clear it of these criminal vagrants. There are also reports of numerous abandoned droids and even some scattered reports of creatures that can be encountered and claimed as they roam the streets and buildings of the city. It has been said that abandoned ships and vehicles have also been claimed within the city limits. It seems that sometimes “would-be” bounty hunters come to Hunter’s Landing and get in over their heads. Those not up to the task either abandon all they have fleeing for their lives or they pay the ultimate price and their possessions are left to be claimed by anyone lucky enough to find them. This seems to be the exception and not the rule, however, as most bounty hunters that come to Hunter’s Landing are experienced and skilled. We will be making plans for the most skilled of these bounty hunters to have an opportunity to be memorialized as official statues for this purpose are being erected throughout the Bounty Cantina District of the city. As more and more sentients are drawn to this profession, this type of recognition is sure to enhance any bounty hunter’s reputation throughout the galaxy and make them stand out above the rest. Even with more and more bounty hunters joining the fray, only time will tell if this new galaxy wide emphasis to re-establish law and order across all Systems will stem the tide of criminal activity which threatens the peace, prosperity and tranquility of the known galaxy. Do your part and join The Hunt from Hunter’s Landing!” For more information on Bounty Hunting procedures on Leafar, interested parties are encouraged to contact AMC Proconsul Max Ameeno Baca directly or visit AMC’s official news outlet. A meeting between a Master Bounty Hunter and a Bounty Hunter’s Guild Agent in Hunter’s Landing.  

    • Orikih’kal – Tiny Danger
      by Kronk Dingo on January 21, 2021 at 01:17

      Earlier this week an assembly of Jawa clans met to choose who amongst them would have the honour of holding the newly created post of Jawa’lor. The discussions were long and arduous, with names being withdrawn every time a new responsibility was attached to the title. Eventually, Ini Kedi’s name was the only one remaining, predominantly because he was not present at the meeting, and because he tested well in market research. In light of this, Ini Kedi is now the Jawa’lor, praise be! Jawa board room discussing the subject of mandalorians and the importance of their culture. When polled in focus groups, Ini Kedi was the clear candidate for the job. Having a name that would translate to “natural leader” in mandalorian-speak with only minor phonetic modifications put him in the front running from the beginning. Additionally, Ini’s well known fashion acumen made him a prime choice. With the famous Jawa pundit, pilot, and businessjawa chosen, he was crowned Jawa’lor Dinii Kedin, Chief of the Jawalorians, by the Holder of the Holy Salvage, Voice of the Tinkerer, Bestower of Titles, and leader of the Industrial Magi Tilba Ugama. All across Tatooine, crowds of Jawa sentients are jumping at this new business opportunity. Sarlacc Integrated Design is already planning a whole new line of Jawa wrist-based weaponry, and many Jawa doctors expect an increase of jetpack related injuries to treat. The unemployed younglings are also excited, as can be seen by this quote from Jett Pakk, a new foundling: “Tink’alor! Now my wife can’t complain my robe is smelling! I’m never taking it off again, because this is the Way!” Ini also received the symbol of his new office: the Dark Ionner, a custom made Ionization Blaster that was on hand at the time. Despite naysayers saying it is nearly identical to already existing ionization blasters, it is notably darker. When asked by Jawa Entertainment & News for a comment, first of his line Jawa’lor Ini Kedi wisely said: “Hm? What? Well, at least Beskar is stylish. Do you have it in green?” It is expected that Jawalorian and Mandalorian clans alike across the galaxy will be swearing fealty en masse within the week. Jawa’lor Kedi explains why adverse possession is not a thing with Beskar. To keep things organized, all similar titles claimed by other sentients that start with letters after “J” won’t be recognized by the Jawa community, in perfectly fair alphabetical precedence. Also in the spirit of fairness, due to height deficiencies, any challenge to Jawa’lor Ini Kedi will be met by a Jawalorian trio of fighters totalling no more than 8 feet tall and 300 standard Jawa pounds. As a final note, Jawa’lor Ini has given the Mandalorians of the galaxy a message, “Please, remember to send all Beskar ingots, as per clan policy, to Jawa’lor Kedi, to be used in a totally legitimate but secret project.” A new chapter in mandalorian history has begun, long live the Jawa’lor! [Pledge credit based loyalty to the Jawa’lor]

    • War In Tolonda
      by Russ Leman on January 19, 2021 at 19:01

      The Jedi Order has always served the will of the Force and have made it their mission to stand between the denizens of our galaxy and the forces of darkness, in whatever way they present themselves. Today, the Order announces it will be taking direct action on behalf of the people of the Tolonda sector against a clear and present danger to their well being. Two years ago, the Jedi were informed of a fringe dark cult making itself known in the sector, claiming the mantle of the Sith. Since then, the Jedi have dispatched agents to investigate the cult and work alongside the Duchy of Tolonda to stop its growth and eliminate its influence. Agents have identified Arthur Von Kaldreon as the most influential leader of this cult Despite the Orders best efforts at peaceful resolution, the influence from the dark side overtook the royal court and a year ago disbanded the sector’s rightful government and installed itself in its place as the Sith Imperium. History has shown that those touched by the dark side have eyes only for death and domination; we do not need to warn the galaxy about how dangerous of a development this has been.  As keepers of the peace and guardians of the light, the Jedi Order takes this and all such threats seriously, no matter how small. As the Order prepares for a multifaceted operation against the so-called Sith Imperium, they urge all residents of the Tolonda sector to distance themselves from the Imperium’s leadership and to avoid government, military, and industrial hubs. We also encourage all residents who desire a return to the old ways to rise up and join us in our efforts. Our desire is to push back the encroaching tide of evil and to put the future of the sector into the hands of those who desire life and happiness instead of death and despair. Allied Task Force Deploys in Tolonda (Recorded Footage) There will be justice. There will be peace. Keep your hope alive. May the Force will be with you, always.   ATTACHMENT: JEDI ORDER FULL DECLARATION