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    To all sentients in the galaxy!

    The recently issued bounty on every Mando is considered as severe threat of our culture and therefore cannot be condoned without counteraction.

    Be warned! If you yield to temptation to collect a bounty on a member of our culture – no matter out of greed or other base motives – we will seek revenge for this deed!


    Year 21 Day 4

    Mandalore News Network returns

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    • Insurgency subverts Kowak restrictions
      by Ximaro Jix on October 25, 2021 at 16:03

        The Void Wolves pirates today released a broadcast against the Blue Star Dominion’s issuance of authority over the newly found system of Kowak. It states: To all who enjoy your autonomy, do not be misled by the Blue Star Dominion. They are no more freedom fighters than their foes they attempt to subdue. Blue Star has their own agenda, which promotes tax collections and trade restrictions.  Special Reconnaissance Operators, for the pirate outfit Void Wolves, have observed corporate thugs’ efforts to control the creature black market in the region. These actions are being met with resistance by the local criminal element that have long called the system home. Since the arrival of Blue Star, bandits of Kowak have formed a united front to stop the colonization efforts currently underway. Known colloquially as “The Blue Star Cartel”, the company has a long history of dark dealings and hostile takeovers to seize their oppositions’ holdings, under the banner of “free enterprise”.  A flag they waved, when robbing Black Sun their root organization, before mysteriously creating another organization. Through this robbery  they acquired sizable real estate holdings and assets, like their Imperial Star Destroyer.  Since then the Dominion have been vying for power rather than acting as an arm of the Rebel Alliance promoting peace and prosperity.  Void Wolves, as local pirates of the Sevetta sector, which the Blue Star conglomerate has failed to oust from their home system of Woldona, are currently utilizing various tactics to ensure the gangs of Kowak along with interested parties can continue creating unrest in the region. Efforts include defiance of Blue Star directives to enslave various species. Such refusals would prevent creatures from being proliferated on the open market, such as the Kowakian Monkey- Lizard. In addition, Kowak insurgents have begun firing upon corporate members and conducting guerilla warfare operations to ensure the planet remains free of cartel oppression.  To ensure instability in the region , the pirates of Sevetta, will continue to subvert the Dominion and organizations like it that utilize a law abiding modality to promote their schemes in effort to become dominant criminal powers.  This transmission has been provided  in partnership with Zann Consortium crime syndicate, in an effort to remind the masses “anyone can be opportunistic scum” given the right circumstances. The Zann umbrella just does not pretend otherwise.    

    • Kowak System Travel Restriction
      by Tomas O`Cuinn on October 24, 2021 at 08:00

      The Blue Star Dominion today released a statement regarding the restriction of private and commercial traffic within the Kowak system. FOR EXTERNAL RELEASE The Kowak system is sovereign Dominion territory and as of Day 331, we are restricting all traffic into the system due to the increasing instability caused by an active war in the area. We are currently engaged in a campaign against a coalition of pirate factions who are well-funded by an unknown source, and have called upon our allies in the Rebel network for support in securing the area. All unauthorized starships will be subject to search and seizure, and any ships making an unlawful attempt to bypass our checkpoints will be fired upon. We are moving to enforce this travel restriction with Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari warships. We are actively combating these pirate forces and will make additional announcements if/as required. Dominion Holocom Network

    • The Skulls Swoop Gang Overthrow The Kouhun Order
      by Harlan Ulikk on October 19, 2021 at 01:25

      The feed cuts to static. After a few moments, the image stabilizes and reveals Harlan Ulikk standing in the middle of a dark room. A single light lies on the floor in front of him, just outside of view, casting rays of harsh light upwards at his face. In the shadows, corpses from a fresh battle are barely in view. (Pictured: Harlan Ulikk, President of The Skulls Swoop Gang, aboard a ship) Harlan looks off-screen, the holographic display of a skull in his helmet mimicks his head’s movement. Muffled begging and screaming can be heard as a large Whiphid comes into view. The Whiphid, the one and only “Macho Whiphid” Korin Jal, throws a hooded figure beside Harlan, then stands behind the two of them in camera-shot. Harlan crouches down, the camera tracking his slow descent. The holographic skull floating in his helmet stares into the camera for a few long seconds before pulling the hood off the captive sentient. The hooded figure is revealed to be Halcyon-Kaden Void. “The Skulls don’t take kindly to those who seek to harm us. Halcyon-Kaden Void has shown himself to be an enemy of The Skulls. I do not stand for that. The Skulls are a family – a family that has been there for each other since the beginning. If anyone tries to hurt our people, they will pay, one way or another.”  Harlan whips out a blaster from his hip holster and blasts the hooded prisoner through his hooded head. The body goes limp and crumples over. Harlan lifts the corpse up and faces it towards the camera. “In this case, you will lose The Kouhun Order. You will lose your army. You will lose your fleet. You will lose your city. Your credits? Ours. You come to our home, insult our people, and cause problems – you’re going to end up like this. Void isn’t the first and he certainly won’t be the last. We look out for our family. Don’t be surprised if you end up like Void.” The cameraman points a blurry green finger at the corpse and chips in. “With a void between your ears! Ha!” One could almost make out a wince form itself on the helmet’s display of a skull. Harlan cocks his head at the figure behind the camera for a moment, shaking his head and then rising from his crouched position. He sharply holsters his still-warm blaster and squares off with the camera. Harlan motions sharply to the right of the camera’s view. The camera roughly pans over and reveals a pile of bodies. Xal Daas and Greali Roxbbris stand between them, posturing with their blasters. Harlan steps back into the frame, facing off the camera. “Watch yourself out there. Skulls, out.” The camera loses focus and slams to the ground, ending the transmission.