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    To all sentients in the galaxy!

    The recently issued bounty on every Mando is considered as severe threat of our culture and therefore cannot be condoned without counteraction.

    Be warned! If you yield to temptation to collect a bounty on a member of our culture – no matter out of greed or other base motives – we will seek revenge for this deed!


    Year 21 Day 4

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    • Moffs of the Pentastar Alignment disappointingly reappear
      by Anubis Hothyck on July 20, 2021 at 08:45

      Observers in the Pentastar Alignment have unfortunately announced the return of the Moff Council, much to the annoyance of the alignment’s wider citizenry. The Moffs had abruptly departed three weeks ago, after Grander-Moff Anubis Hothyck yelled something about having located the plans for long-lost Kandosii-type dreadnaughts and that it should be a top priority to retrieve them. “These dreadnoughts would greatly strengthen our prestige amongst citizens of the galaxy” the Grander-Moff had declared, shortly before awarding himself a new medal for pursuing opportunism.  Our journalist caught up with the Lesser Moff Dane Star for further information on what had left the Alignment without a government for over three weeks: “Well, you see, it’s been a long term goal of the Pentastar Alignment to establish our military production capacity… but due to various coups and subsequent freezing of researchers in carbonite we haven’t yet fully achieved our goal.”   “Did you achieve your goal?”  “Well… there was far more Jawa than reported at the location and no one realised this at the time but Jawa are surprisingly…”    The Lessers Moff’s regulation datapad began beeping.    “I’m afraid the details are now classified.”    “I see. You’re also wounded – what happened to you?”   “Nothing, just a little friendly fire that I’m certain was not in any way an attempt to assassinate me.” Asteroid Mining represents the backbone of the Pentastar Economy Since returning from their absence, the Moff Council has also agreed to begin liquidating a portion of their mineral reserves. “Although the economy of the Alignment consistently grows at exactly 15% per year, regardless of galactic circumstances and despite my careful management, it is clear there may be a shortage of galactic credits. Although the Alignment has released its own currency, when trading with outside we tend to find others reject our superior, more stable, credit” the Grander Moff declared. “In accordance with this, I have instructed our logistics department to cease charging for delivery services in outer-rim sectors, so that the galaxy may see our benevolence. Please contact your local consulate.”