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    The recently issued bounty on every Mando is considered as severe threat of our culture and therefore cannot be condoned without counteraction.

    Be warned! If you yield to temptation to collect a bounty on a member of our culture – no matter out of greed or other base motives – we will seek revenge for this deed!


    Year 21 Day 4

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    • Hope for Wookiees just a fairy tale
      by Tandis Valeek on November 29, 2020 at 11:49

      Reporting from the galaxy newsroom at the Triumvirate Coalition Capitol on Pesmenben III: The atrocities of The Faerytail Family know no bounds. Undercover sources of the TIA (Triumvirate Intelligence Agency), hidden among the population of Kashyyyk, tell a completely different tale than the threads The Faerytail Family has weaved over their takeover of the Wookiee homeworld. Consul Tandis Valeek commented on the past and present situations concerning Kashyyyk, saying, “The Wookiees are a strong and proud race and deserve to be left to their own traditions, and this was the way they had lived for many years under the careful governorship of the New Republic. Since the governmental takeover by The Faerytail Family the Wookiees have been forced, in some cases, into an indentured servitude, while others into slavery. TIA reports the Wookiees that are supposedly so happy to be working and to have something to do are, in reality, having their ancestral hunting grounds demolished, thousand-year-old Wroshyr trees and homes uprooted, and families torn apart. The Family is making it difficult for the Wookiee population to gather basic necessities such as food, and to even live in their forest homes has become challenging. The homes that have already been destroyed have been replaced with small, one-to-two bedroom apartment complexes, in which an entire Wookiee family of up to 8 members is expected to live. To further break their spirits, the ceiling sizes are more fitting for a human rather than an 2.5-meter tall Wookiee, forcing them to have to bow, hunch, or even crawl through the structure. This is how the so-called King-Father Simkin Dragoneel would see the Wookiees, down on their hands and knees in servitude.” A group of Wookiee slaves under imperial supervision. Our agents were able to smuggle out a few vials of the medications provided by Faerytail. Our chief scientist reports “the medications Faerytail have provided is a cocktail of chemicals which will allow them to move the Wookiee populations to locations throughout their sectors of space, otherwise incompatible with Wookiee biology while they work and toil in indentured service. Planet-side, the cocktail of drugs has an added tranquilizer, which is meant to keep the Wookies sedated and docile.” Agents reported speaking to a few of the Wookiee Chieftains who were very distraught about horrific medical experimentation that is also being conducted on members of the Wookie population in the way of vocal translator (vocabulator? Maybe? That’s what the droids have to vocalise languages) implants. The Family would have you believe that the Wookiees want the implants to further their communication with the galaxy at large but, in truth, the Wookiees want nothing more than to be left alone, and if they do decide to venture off-world then a protocol droid is a less invasive thing to find. The Family would have you believe that they are quelling tribal squabbles throughout the planet, but according to our TIA sources what is really happening is this: the Wookiees are making a stand for their planet and fighting has broken out at times between the Wookiees and The Faerytail Family’s ground forces. That Green Forest Day celebration they claimed to have was, in actuality, a calculated invasion of the planet’s surface to distract Wookiee tribes while their planetary resources were seized. According to our Naval Commanding Officer, Fleet Admiral Igorod Krakatoa, “TC Navy scouts report that from orbit much of the lush green that could once be seen across the planet surface has turned to a dark brown or black where forests have been cleared and mining camps have been established.” New, more ‘modern’ cities have been established for the sentients of The Faerytail Family to occupy while the rightful inhabitants of Kashyyyk are forced to live in squalor, all in the name of progress.

    • Galactic Heroes or A bunch of Thugs?
      by Taldar Logas on November 22, 2020 at 18:42

      Year 20 Day 360 Scandal has shocked and horrified many galactic citizens!  A “report” (this reporter struggles to call it that) released by Dain Thurith of the Eclipse Templars took credit for a strike on the Confederacy of Independent Systems last week.  This resulted in the death of several Confederate Officers.  The report seemed confirmed by several missing person broadcasts observed across the Confederate internal holonet. Internal Missing Person document  The release by the Templars laid out several claims, boasting of the efficiency of their raid and claiming billions from a corrupt and dysfunctional government.  They also leveled accusations of corruption from within the Confederate leadership as well.   CIS leadership was quick to fire back as Head of State, Taldar Logas, formally addressed the media later that night from the Ardent-class Fast Frigate “Messer” in Endor. An attached holovid link reveals a Ryn male, sitting at what appeared to be a control panel on the command deck.  He appeared slightly worn, but energized with a fire burning behind his eyes.  “Greetings Citizens, sentients and colleagues.  I have decided to take some time from the Federation Gala to inform all of you in regards to the truth behind the recent raid on the Confederate Government.  Contrary to recent news reports, the recent event was not some well thought out operation by the Eclipse Templars.  This was the case of a disgruntled employee taking advantage of his post.  This employee, who shall remain nameless, has been with our group for many years, and lets just say he was less than spectacular in performing his job duties.  Just last month, I caught him flying a Confederate Modular Taskforce Cruiser to the other side of the galaxy out of what he called boredom.  Several members of leadership wanted him arrested, including myself, but a member of the Confederate Board intervened and he was given a second chance.  You may ask why he then betrayed us?  This employee was apparently upset that his behavior did not grant him a promotion.  After uncovering some ‘discrete’ logs, it was confirmed he met with the leadership of the Eclipse Templars about his feelings of discontent.  Instead of contacting the Confederate Government and assisting in clearing up some of these so called discrepancies, the Templars instead decided to take advantage of this employee and use his privileges to unload several crates of generic armory and weaponry.  It was not 6 billion credits worth as they claim, merely 80 crates of random junk found laying around.   These items were meaningless, but unfortunately this was not all they had schemed.  They also focused on capturing some high ranking individuals.  It was confirmed by external sources that Chairman Siejo Kutol was their initial target, but he was found difficult to track.  Instead, the disgruntled employee focused on those closest to the Chairman.  Allan Kutol, the Chairman’s wife, became the prime target.  She was on a humanitarian mission in Zrak, which was focused on delivering modern medications and constructing hospitals for the primitive Heep-Heep clan.  Security videos confirmed she was ripped from her bunk at night by a shadowy figure and dragged onboard the Colossus cruiser Apocalypse.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Kutol was not alone on this mission, being accompanied by her son, Caellun.  The boy was taken onboard the ship as well.  Once on the ship, Mrs. Kutol was thrown in cuffs, and dragged into the dungeon.  It is unclear how the boy was treated; but this was a severely traumatizing experience for them both.  Simultaneously, reports did confirm a similar fate to Sion Plagueis and several other Confederate officers.   The Templars then contacted myself, the Confederate Head of State, to lay out their terms.  They were aggressive and threatened to start executing hostages if the government did not comply with their demands of “land”, starting with Mrs. Kutol. When their demands were not immediately met, Templar leadership started killing in cold blood just to ‘prove how serious the situation was.’  These monsters demanded the CIS hand over the lives of billions of Confederate citizens over to their control. The people we have struggled to liberate and defend. People we have pledged to protect.  The Confederacy does not condone acts of piracy, and will not be threatened.  As I laid this out to the terrorists, they refused to negotiate with me, as they perceived that I do not so easily give into petulant fools, and began to try to negotiate with other members of leadership.  After additional failures to make headway, they returned to me no longer demanding territory, likely looking for anything they could use to claim this operation a success.  In the end, most of our friends were released, safely. Save for those they murdered to ‘show how serious they were.’   Head of State Logas at the helm of The Messer Let me be clear – The Eclipse Templars are not a group of freedom fighting heroes.  They are merely another bunch of criminals looking for the opportunity to take advantage of somebody.  These acts were not those of some noble group out to fight corruption, but an organization bent on chaos by any means.  The criminal tendencies of the group is not a new thing.  Their leader, Alessandro De Caito (AKA Lord Vex), has already tried this before.  The Confederacy of Independent Systems will not tolerate this unprovoked attack on our people and our way of life. Every person associated with ‘The Umbradawn Corporation,’ as they style themselves, blacklisted. A bounty is posted on each, and every one of their heads. Each organization affiliated with them, is blacklisted.  Rest assured, blacklisting these incompetent terrorists is the least will do. Future responses will pay them back tenfold, and there will be no safe ground for them to hide. While we cannot speak for our allies on their future actions, I have been overwhelmed by the support shown by many. We mourn for those murdered, celebrate those returned, and we vow vengeance.” With that, Mr. Logas ended his statement. However, the press release also included information on bounties placed on all known members of their organization.

    • Confederate Head of State Corruption Exposed
      by Dain Thurith on November 18, 2020 at 07:14

      The Confederacy of Independent Systems: a corrupted organization lead by a tyrant who doesn’t care about the poor and ruined lives left in the wake of their merciless expansion. Starting on Y21D335, the CIS became the target of an asset acquisition mission by Umbradawn as part of the larger goal of redistributing the wealth of the corrupt and supporting the needy.  Darach Ríoga security camera footage taken earlier today. At various times over the course of Y21D335 and Y21D336, a team of Eclipse Templar Inquisitors were able to enter factory districts and storage areas on the planet Thesme. During that time they were able to secure and load cargo valued at approximately 500 million credits medical supplies and powered down droids onto Eclipse Templar freighters. After, they left to assist in the primary heist in Mondress which would take place days later. On Y21D339 at 11:45, the Modular Taskforce Cruiser An Ghrian Ríoga, under the command of Grand Master Dain Thurith and Exarch Varian Shroud, arrived in Mondress. They raided CIS’ secure storage Brayls filled with approximately 6 billion credits worth of weapons, armor, tools, and medical supplies. The operation came together in very little time, in thanks to meticulous and on-the-fly planning from Dain Thurith and de Caito, which lead to excellent reconnaissance and intelligence gathering from the Inquisitors inside the CIS, one of which an officer. Using the access granted to them freely, the Inquisitors were able to board and empty six different Brayls into the MTC An Ghrian Ríoga, which had it’s transponders changed to read as a CIS vessel. The rest of the team stood watch, prepared to cut the docking tube and enter hyperspace immediately if needed. Shortly after the over 9000 crates of varying sizes, one reportedly containing over 14000 CM Fragstorm Shotguns, were loaded, the strike team departed and went their separate ways. Exarch Shroud was charged with securing the cargo and remaining in command of the An Ghrian Ríoga during it’s return trip to neutral space while the others moved into position for phase two. Security footage taken during raid courtesy of Umbradawn scouts monitoring Mondress before and during the operation. Around 22:30, Grand Inquisitor de Caito signaled for the Inquisitors to disable the ships containing the primary targets:Supreme Commander Sion Plagueis; Alanna Kutol wife of Chairman Siejo Kutol; and all other Confederate Ships in orbit of both planets. A few minutes later, Plagueis and his security detail of three lower ranked members were apprehended along with fifteen unarmed builders. Shortly later at 22:45, the disabled ships above Zrak were secured within an unnamed Umbradawn Colossal-class carrier. Alanna Kutol and her security detail were apprehended by the strike force made up of Ord and Ghealach operatives. This part of the operation went mostly without a hitch as all targets were asleep in their quarters aboard the BFF-1 Bulk Freighters orbiting the planet. Footage cleared for release, taken from Umbradawn fighter squadron cockpit cameras during security patrols The hostages were only taken to ensure a smooth closure to the operation and fair treatment was provided. When negotiations with Head of State Taldar Logas were opened, before any of the details were laid out, Taldar refused to negotiate and wasted valuable time trying to goad the Umbradawn leaders into presumably executing his people. Though the members of Umbradawn were aware of the CIS’ treatment of their people as essentially expendable slaves, the magnitude of this disregard for their lives still came as a shock. Some of the hostages even expressed a desire to work alongside Umbradawn to get revenge on CIS as they knew of this disregard. After over a week of negotiations breaking down due to Head of State Logas interfering anytime progress was made and telling the hostage holders that he did not value the hostages being returned safely as, “there will always be more workers”. Despite these interruptions, excessive disorganization, refusal to allow negotiators to work with constant interruptions, and consistently changing lead negotiator anytime progress was made, only two hostages were harmed during this process and only as a last resort to ensure that Head of State Logas knew Umbradawn was serious after over a week of being instigated. Thankfully not all within the CIS shared Taldar’s desire to see the hostages killed to send a message and an agreement was reached. Part of the agreement was ownership officially being signed over of the goods taken from Mondress, with these new armaments Umbradawn plans to arm new battallions of templars crossed all three of the orders to aid in the fight to expose corruption all throughout the galaxy, protect the weak, and punish the wicked. In addition to this, Umbradawn will be bundling a portion of the seized assets and donating them to young sentients to keep them safe in their adventures. The remainder will be sold to fund these efforts in addition to helping build better homes for the refugees under the care of Umbradawn.