Established thousands of years ago as a nationalised company under the Mandalorian government, MandalMining was once the most dishonourable department a Mandalorian could serve in. Formed from captured slaves and petty bureaucrats, MandalMining was laughed at and ridiculed by other arms of the Mandalorian government such as the army and navy. Service in MandalMining was also punishment for cowardly or incompetent warriors from the military.

That image has long since faded away however, in the later days of the Mandalore – Vuana war, over four thousand years ago, MandalMining pilots and engineers withstood attack after attack from the Vuana. Often they were badly outnumbered, with an inadequate escort, and yet despite being ‘cowardly’ and ‘incompetent’ they proved that even the so-called ‘worst’ of the Mandalorians could redeem themselves in battle and defeat their enemies. The original MandalMining came to its end on an inhospitable planet near Mandalore. Blockaded on a classified planet by a Vuana armada, the last remnants of MandalMining struggled against a force that had fifteen times as many men and hundreds more ships, and yet it still took a full orbital bombardment with fusion warheads to finish them off.

With the re-emergence of the Mandalorians as a unified body, the Warrior Eminence has ordered MandalMining restored to its glory days before its destruction. Now thousands of Mandalorians flock to the MandalMining banner, knowing that while the military gains glory for defending Mandalore at times of war, MandalMining gains its arguably greater honor from providing Mandalore with the life-blood it needs to survive at times of peace or war.

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Thousands of years ago, MandalMotors was founded by General Gustav Zenlav. Motors was a hybrid organisation, staffed by Mandalorian clans whose specialities ranged while never directly aligning to starship construction. Historically, the Par’tay’on clan were generally in charge throughout the centuries as they attempted to exert control over the organisation that provided the ships that they used to explore the galaxy and defend their worlds. The peaceful and intelligent Tm’halk, who were almost wiped out in the original Mandalorian civil war infrequently appeared to direct design and prodution efforts. By far the most intelligent of the Mandalorians, the Tm’halk designed their ships to function in ways the galaxy still has trouble understanding today. The famous basilisk war droids were product of one such tm’halk born engineer, as was the Pursuer enforcement ship, created centuries later and still in active production today.

From the Par’tay’on, Mandalmotors received the desire of elegance, speed and indestructability. From the Tm’halk, it received guidance only telepathic species can create – blink and movement controlled systems, fully customisable heads up displays along with other techonology that astounded other companies for generations. Added to this, the Vr’caah brought rare metals found in the forests and jungles of Mandalore to construct the new craft. With time, beskar was born and Mandalmotors became one of the greatest companies ever to live.

Successive wars with and against the rest of the galaxy took their toll. Beskar deposits were quickly raided by mandalorians and their enemies to attempt to get the upper hand in various wars. After a millenia of wars, the beskar deposits were almost depleted. Just before the clone wars, Mandalorian society crumbled as the brother fought bother and clan fought clan. With the arrival of Jedi Master Dooku the wars ended, but with them ended the dreams of the Mandalorians. Most left for other parts of the galaxy and the famed Mandalmotors stagnated for decades. Years later the call went out to return home from the new Mand’alor; Tyr DeMeer. Mandalmotors was restarted and a team of skilled Mandalorians returned from the corporate sector to ply their trade once more. A member of the D’ael’mor and hero of the reformation, Andrew Panzer, was appointed to resurrect the great company. Though the galaxy was in turmoil the reformed Mandalorians secured their homeworld, then the Abrion Sector as Mandalmotors restarted the famed production lines that years before had churned out basilisk war droids in the hundreds. Though all known beskar ore had been used centuries ago and the corporate database plundered and looted beyond recognition, designs remained. So it was that the PES was reborn. Missions were launched and technical teams formed to create new designs. Today, Mandalmotors Tower stands tall as hundreds of chief engineers and production officers man well over a hundred factories. Restored to its former glory, Mandalmotors stands today as arguably the oldest and greatest ship manufacturer in the current galaxy.

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Established thousands of years ago as a nationalized company under the Mandalorian government, MandalTech was always a very active and efficient area of the Mandalorian society.

Created shortly after the crash on Mandalore, MandalTech was tasked to make sure that the new lords of Mandalore would be able to defend themselves and to develop their new homeworld. The first members consisted mainly of people from the Clan Tm’halk, since they often choose another direction than their more combat oriented brothers and sisters of Mandalore. Over the years, MandalTech has continued to grow. All Mandalorian clans used it, both during times of peace and times of war.

During the Vuanna wars, MandalTech played an important role together with its sister company MandalMotors. These two companies provided all the equipment that was needed for the Mandalorian people and the Triad to defend themselves against their enemies, and in the end defeat them. They provided the sidearms for the Mando warriors and they also provided the missiles and torpedoes for their fights in space.

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